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Frisco Dental Studio talks to us about Cosmetic Dentistry:

These days it’s very common for dental offices to provide family dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry. However, providing high quality cosmetic dentistry requires extensive training, attention to detail and the right technology. Cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers are often a big investment of time and money so I always recommend doing your homework before starting your journey. As a patient it’s very hard to decide who you should put your trust in when considering a smile makeover so here are some helpful questions to ask your dentist when you start this journey:

  1. Ask about their training when it comes to the art of cosmetic dentistry and the field of occlusion. Occlusion is the science of teeth forces, which is key to long term success with cosmetic dentistry.
  2. Ask to see past cases, ask about their approach to each of those cases.
  3. Ask about what technology is used in the process. Digital scanners, digital milling/printing, 3D x-ray technology are typically used when planning implants.
  4. Ask if they have the ability to do laser dentistry to sculpt the gums to match the teeth shapes and proportions.
  5. Ask about which dental lab they use to design and fabricate the crowns and veneers. Cosmetic dentistry is a team effort, your dentist will prepare your teeth and then work closely with the dental lab technician to design and customize your veneers and crowns. The better the technician, the better the results.

To give you an example, here is how we approach these aspects at Frisco Dental Studio:

  1. My training includes doing multi-year training programs with top cosmetic dentists Dr.Hornbrook and Dr.Montgomery in Utah and Atlanta as well as training at the Spear Institute in Phoenix with Dr.Frank Spear.
  2. We have a library of our smile gallery on our website and we discuss these cases in more detail when we do our complimentary cosmetic consults at the office.
  3. We use digital scanners and 3D x-ray technology when planning implants for a cosmetic case. We don’t currently have digital milling/printing at our office because we work with some phenomenal lab technicians that prefer manually designing veneers.
  4. We use laser dentistry in our office for cosmetic gum contouring but also for laser gum therapy and disinfection when patients have gum disease.
  5. We use one of the best dental labs in the country based out of Utah. They have a staff of over 10 master ceramists who design and make our veneers and crowns. They are truly artists, they will analyze the color, the shape, the textures to create veneers that look natural instead of the fake Hollywood look. We have a portrait photo studio in our dental office which we use to communicate the patient’s desires to our technicians.

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