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Mommas we are so excited to introduce you to our meet a mom feature this week!

Her name is Dr Alison Hsu and she’s a pediatrician at Starside Pediatrics in Frisco.

She’s the pediatrician to both of my kids, Frankie and Sienna, and both of Megan’s kids have seen her as well.

I remember meeting Dr Hsu on the day Frankie was born – she was so calm and she made me feel so calm. I remember feeling so blessed that day because I felt like she cared so well for my newest little love and as a brand new mom, that was the best feeling in the entire world!

At every appointment since then – she’s given us the best care I could imagine for my kids and my kids absolutely love her!

So, because she’s one of our favorite people – we couldn’t wait to get to know her better, and introduce her to you as well!

Meet Dr Alison Hsu!


1. Tell us a little bit about you! 

My family moved from the Midwest to Plano when I was 5 years old and I grew up here until moving out to Chicago for college, to Houston for medical school, and ultimately back to Dallas for residency and to settle down, which was my ultimate goal! I am the 3rd of 4 sisters and am the proudest auntie to all their little babies who I love as if they were my own. I met my husband, William, in 9th grade and have been with him since, navigating a long distance relationship during college and medical/pharmacy school stress. We both still have a lot of family in the area and are so happy to be raising our family in the same wonderful place we grew up.
2. How many kids do you have and what are their ages?
We have one daughter, Ellie, who is a little over 2 years old, and we are expecting our second, a boy, this July!
3. What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?
So many things! We have been super blessed to have Ellie, who is so bright, funny, and lovely. I feel like I could just watch her all day because she’s always learning new things to make me laugh and smile. I love to see how she has her own personality but then also picks up the most random quirks from William and me that are really endearing and strengthen our bond and appreciation for each other.

4. How did you end up in Frisco?
I did my residency at UTSW in Dallas, then found my position with Starside Pediatrics after graduation. We moved back up here after I started working and are only 10-15 minutes or so from our parents’ homes.

5. What do you love about Frisco?
I love that it is such a nice place for children and families- plenty of good dining, playgrounds, parks, shopping, and other children/families. Even though Ellie isn’t in school yet, I can see from my patients that the school district is also amazing and provides so much support for students of all needs.

6. What’s your favorite restaurant in Frisco?
We really ought to explore more but our favorite places to go are Gen Korean BBQ and Sushi Damu (we are suckers for a good quality all you can eat). We also end up in the food court at Ranch 99 a lot. With this pregnancy I’m very much craving fried chicken so Babe’s has been a favorite spot as well!

7. What’s your favorite place to shop in Frisco?
Not the most exciting, but I can spend a whole day in the Preston-Gaylord complex at Target, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Half Price Books, Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, Tuesday Morning, and can pretty much find anything I want and also things I don’t need but do want and buy anyway because they’re cute and a good deal!

8. What’s your favorite thing to do when you need some “me time”?
I am a big advocate for naps- I think that’s how I survived college, med school, and my first baby, by just taking naps when I need them. If I get a chance I also like getting massages- OD Wellness in the aforementioned Preston-Gaylord complex is a nice spot for a good (albeit somewhat painful but in a good way) massage.

9. Tell us about your career.
It took a few years of training, but I love being a general pediatrician. I have been with Starside Pediatrics since graduating from residency, and it is exactly the kind of practice I always hoped to join. We see babies from newborn til 20 years or so and get to know our families so well that it makes me emotional sometimes to think of how much and how quickly the patients grow. We are not a huge practice but we try to stay as personalized as we can and not rush in seeing and getting to know our patients and families. I hope to be practicing long enough to see my patients grow up and have their own babies!

10. What do you love about your career?

Kids are so amazingly resilient that they can often have the same illness that might we have but bounce back from it and complain less than we would. As I said before, my favorite thing is just being able to follow my patients as they grow and having that continuity of care. I love hearing about their birthday parties, current TV and game interests, best friends, and everything else- and getting to make them feel better and to reassure a parent and answer things they might feel are silly to ask (there’s never a silly question when it comes to your babies) on top of all that is so gratifying.
11. What is one thing you look forward to every year?
Two of my sisters don’t live in town (one lives overseas) but have babies who are close in age to Ellie, so I look forward to our reunions whenever they can happen! Generally they’ll be around the holidays but depending on other family obligations and work, we sometimes flex it around the year as we are able. I love to see all 5 (soon to be 6, yay!) of our babies interact and play with each other, and if it happens around the holidays, the food is always a bonus!
12. How do you juggle your career with being a mom and wife?
I’m thankful that I can have regular hours and a workplace that is understanding regarding the needs of moms and families. William and I have been through all kinds of things together and he is the best support system I could hope for, and he honestly does the majority of the cooking and house maintenance things.. he’s just better at those things than I am! I do think that being a mom has made me a better pediatrician, and hopefully things I’ve learned as a pediatrician have helped me in being a mom, though there are definitely things you can’t learn about being a mom until you actually do it! Having family in town has also been a blessing and they pitch in when we need them without blinking an eye.
13. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from another mom?
Pick your battles- which is applicable to all relationships probably, but basically to not fret over small things that don’t go how you want them to. Obviously you have to stand your ground on things you feel strongly about or that are in the interest of safety, but not to make a big fuss over every small thing, since kids have their own opinions and you won’t get through a day if you’re trying to make things go exactly how you envision them. We wear a lot of mismatched socks and interesting outfits due to this!
14. What’s one fun fact about you?
I love video games and when I like one I can get a little obsessive in learning/reading about it and seeing it in my sleep. I’d like to say it’s for professional purposes to keep up with what the kids like these days, but really I’m just a nerd about video games.

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