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We are thrilled to introduce you all to Alycia Trotter, the mastermind behind A Joyful Mess Art Studio in Prosper! She is a true JOY! We love the space she has created, to encourage kids to explore their creative side. Coming from someone that is not artistic, but has a child who is, it is so wonderful to have found a place where a true artist (Alycia) can help my child learn more about that side of themselves. We can’t wait to add our kiddos to more classes as they get older. Alycia has poured her heart and soul into this sweet studio, and you just have to check it out!

XO – M&M

Tell us a little bit about you!

Hi, my name is Alycia and I graduated from Texas Tech and married my college sweetheart. We decided to try something new and adventurous after college and move to Wyoming. We lived there for a few years, where I started teaching, until moving back to Texas in 2006. I was a teacher for 14 years before deciding to quit and jump head first into my dream of owning an Art Studio. I am a huge lake girl! You will find our family at Texoma or Ray Roberts most weekends in the summer. The lake is one place I can get away from it all and truly relax and enjoy time with my family. I love cats. We have 2 and I could probably grow up and become that crazy cat lady…if it weren’t for my husband!

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

Two – Brennan is 12 and Addyson is 10.

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom? 

Now that my kids are older, it’s fun seeing their wit and humor. I love having conversations with them and they throw in a little joke or make a funny sarcastic remark – and it makes sense! It’s neat seeing them come into their own personalities and just how smart, caring, and kind they are.

How did you end up in Prosper/Celina?

We both grew up in McKinney and remember when it was a small town. We wanted that same small town feel for our kids.

What do you love about Prosper/Celina?

I love that even though Prosper is growing like crazy, there is still a small town feel. The restaurants are painted in Prosper colors or feature sights like the Silos and you can always spot a Prosper “P”.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Prosper/Celina?

I’m very simple when it comes to eating – not a big foodie that’s for sure. But I love The Cotton Gin. The atmosphere is great and the food is good home comfort food!

What’s your favorite place to shop in Prosper/Celina?

We have so many new stores popping up, it’s amazing. But my favorite “place” to shop are all the in home/online boutiques that we have in Prosper. There are some real hidden gems up here!

What’s your favorite thing to do when you need some “me time”?

I love to go to downtown McKinney to the antique stores and walk around. I even love the smell of antique stores!

Tell us about your career.

I started teaching while we were living in Wyoming and just continued when we moved back to Texas. About 5 years ago, I knew I had to get back into the art world. I missed it. At the same time, our current art teacher decided to transfer to new school opening in Prosper and I was able to take her position. It was perfect – it married my love of teaching, children, and art all together! But I still had this little voice telling me I wanted more. I had always wanted to have my own business and I had been teaching summer art camps from my house for about 5 years. Prosper has so many opportunities for kids who love sports but there just wasn’t anything for those creative minds. That’s when I decided that my summer art camps could be a lot more. After finding the right spot, signing a lease, and finishing out the school year, A Joyful Mess Art Studio opened it’s doors the summer of 2019 and we haven’t looked back! Though you won’t see my husbandteaching a class…I couldn’t have done any of it without his constant support, enthusiasm, and partnership.

What do you love about your career?

I love being a part of the community and giving the creative kids of Prosper a place to come and be themselves! I also really love the Ladies Nights and seeing such a large group of women come together and have fun and laugh with each other and try something they maybe never thought they could do. That’s pretty cool too.

What is one thing you look forward to every year?

Christmas! I love the music, the lights, the decorations, focusing on others and remembering why we are all here in the first place. I enjoy shopping for other people and trying to find that perfect gift. (Crazy, I know.) I love making cookies with the kids and cuddling on the couch watching Hallmark movies with my daughter. I love the traditions we have created as a family and celebrating the old traditions that I remember doing as a child. I love seeing extended family and getting to spend a little extra time with those I love. I love honoring the story of Jesus and the love He has for us and sharing that with my children. I’m always a little sad when the last house on the street finally takes down their lights.

How do you juggle your career with being a mom and wife?

That one is hard. There are a lot of times that I don’t feel like I’m doing it right, but there are some non negotiables that I have that help.

  1. I always make sure I am home when my kids get home from school. (I might have a class later that night, but I’m home when they get home. 2. I have a weekly date-night with my husband. (It’s only an hour while the kids are at church, but we don’t miss it!) 3. I don’t work on Sundays. I think when you own a business, the whole family owns a business. We help each other, support each other, and just try to all do our best!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from another mom?

Take one day at time. Don’t be looking so forward to the future that you miss today. Especially with the kids, I don’t want to miss today because they are only “home” for so long.

What’s one fun fact about you? 

My husband proposed to me while on a hot air balloon!

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