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I’m Kristen, owner and organizer of Gracefully Nested in North Dallas. We are a Dallas based professional organizing company devoted to helping you declutter and organize your home with grace. We’re so glad you found us.

Our belief in life is that everyone should feel relaxed and organized in their own home.”

Let’s get to Spring Cleaning:

A closet declutter:
Always start small. Start with just your shoes or swimsuits. It is okay to keep things you love but don’t wear every month but keep in mind you don’t always need it to stay in your home. Keep what you love and will wear again.


Ask yourself these questions:
“Does it make you feel good?”“Does it fit nicely?”
“Will I wear it often?”

Maybe your closet doesn’t need a spring cleaning!

What about the rest of your house? Is there another area in your house that could use some extra attention? Let’s focus on that area BUT not the whole thing.

Pick one small area like I mentioned above and focus on that small space first then continue to move around that room.

Grab a trash bag, box for donations and another box for giveaways to friends or family and maybe even a to sell box.

Don’t look at the entire room when decluttering start in one area of the room or it will become overwhelming.

I can’t wait to hear about your spring cleaning journey this season. Remember to have fun with it. Turn on some music and get that clutter out of your home.

More Grace within your home is closer!

Happy Decluttering!

Love, Kristen with Gracefully Nested

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