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The early childhood education experts at Creative World School Frisco explain why inquiry-based learning gives children the strong foundation they need to thrive in school.

The early education community is buzzing about STEAM learning and parents are eager to learn more about this educational approach.  At Creative World School, we’ve been incorporating STEAM concepts in our curriculum for many years. As we explore STEAM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), we provide children with the tools and freedom they need to thrive.  The Creative World School Frisco team believes in using our inquiry-based curriculum to invite children to ask questions about the world around them. This is the basis for our STEAM learning. Inquiry is the “i” in iSTEAM and encourages a student’s curiosity as he/she develops problem solving skills.

Inquiry learning prompts children to ask questions and explore in-depth projects together. Research has shown that when young children are in an environment where they are encouraged to collaborate, investigate, and explore, they are equipped with the tools to become lifelong learners! We’ve always approached learning with the belief that children are hungry for knowledge and, when provided with the right environment, will explore and make wonderful discoveries all on their own! Our teachers are masterful facilitators of this unique learning process.

Families will see iSTEAM learning in action in several ways throughout our school:

  • Our one-of-a-kind Exploratorium™. Parents will be truly amazed when they walk through our doors and see Exploratorium™ learning in action. The design of this room is inspired by children and the welcoming space is equipped with special materials and experiences to enrich and strengthen their learning opportunities. iSTEAM learning happens here! We integrate fun STEAM engagements into our every day curriculum to enhance children’s critical thinking.

  • Collaborative small group learning. This unique and interactive learning environment provides students with the opportunity to rotate through specialized learning stations that promote hands-on learning.

  • Exclusive proprietary curriculum. Each month, our students explore a new topic that not only integrates STEAM, but also introduces a literary and artistic genre. This approach provides children with the opportunity to cultivate their knowledge of the arts through kid-friendly experiences.

  • Outside the box, creative thinking.  Our 3 E’s: Foundations of Excellence™ learning stations are Education, Enrichment, and Exploration. These interactive stations are designed to inspire children to wonder and question as they explore, experience, and discover.

Schedule a tour at Creative World School Frisco to learn more about the curriculum and see iSTEAM learning in action!

About Creative World School Frisco:

Located at 4915 Coit Road, Creative World School Frisco features age-specific classrooms, an indoor gym, and a playground with specialized equipment and activities for each age group. The centerpiece of each Creative World School is a large central atrium space known as the Exploratorium™. This unique room is where new and exciting experiences are created for the children every day. Educational themes are refreshed monthly and focus on STEAM based activities of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

Visit our website or call (972) 335-3565 to schedule your tour today!

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