“But nothing hurts” How dental disease can sneak up on you | North Dallas Moms

Frisco Dental Studio gives us some great advice when on how dental disease can sneak up on you:

I often hear from family and friends that they haven’t been to the dentist in years because nothing hurts. Oral diseases often have no pain or symptoms in their early stages so it can sneak up on a lot of patients. Early detection and prevention are the best way of stopping disease and preventing more expensive treatment down the road.

I often compare tooth disease and gum disease to heart disease, both don’t have any symptoms when the disease is mild or moderate. However, once it gets severe it can be pretty serious and sometimes life threatening. 

Let’s compare some scenarios and compare costs.

Scenario 1: 

Prevention/Early Detection Healthy mouth cleanings twice a year and check ups  Free with most dental insurance and membership plans
Coming in when it hurts Gum disease that breaks down the bone and gums around your teeth. Causes pain and loose teeth $400-1000 for gum therapy and then ongoing gum maintenance


Scenario 2: 

Prevention/Early Detection Treating small cavity that’s not giving any symptoms with a filling $150-250
Coming in when it hurts Large cavity that causes nerve infection and pain needing root canal and crown $1500-2000


Scenario 3: 

Prevention/Early Detection Old filling with a crack needing a crown to strengthen the tooth $1000
Coming in when it hurts Crack leads to tooth fracturing in half. Tooth needs to be extracted and replaced with an implant $4000


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